Trump: Keeping America White Against the Rising Tide of Color

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Old school white supremacist, David Duke and the KKK heap praise and support for President Trump, while new hatemongers like Rise Above Movement and lone wolf Trump admirers terrorize with their fist, guns and bombs. So, where does America go from here?


If you’re still asking yourself: “How did a Trump presidency happen?” “How can Trump constantly tell so many outright lies and get away with them?” Or, more significantly, “Why are white supremacist Trump fans encamped exclusively within the ranks of the Republican Party? Then you probably don’t understand the principles of white supremacy on which America was founded. And if you don’t understand the depth, scope and history of white supremacy—it’s likely you also will not recognize that President Donald J. Trump may be the most dangerous threat to the United States of America, since Confederate President Jefferson Davis (1861 to 1865).

Donald J. Trump is merely the latest version of the Great White Leader—protector of white supremacy. This particular incarnation is seen by the keepers of the faith as the savior who will deliver his people from a fate that threatens the very existence of white supremacy—an America that will be populated by more nonwhite people than white people by as early as 2044, according to projections by the U.S. Census Bureau. Southern slave owners must have placed a similar type of burden of hope on the shoulders of Jefferson Davis, when he was elected president of the Confederate States of America (1961), formed as a result of the initial succession of seven southern states from the Union in order to preserve slavery in the South.

Today, the nearly 350-year institution of white supremacy practiced within the territorial boundaries of the U.S. has brought America to a major crossroad in history. There can no longer be any doubt that far too many white people in the U.S. still believe in white supremacey and view as an eternal birthright–a self-ordained inheritance—never to be relinquished at any cost. Nor can there be any uncertainty that the Republican Party is political party where white supremacists have chosen as their home and Donald Trump as their supreme leader.

Trump exposed

It’s time to get brutally honest, America. The hypnotic intoxication of white supremacy more accurately explains why a man like Trump could ever become president of the U.S. in the first place. Don’t give me all that talk about folks just wanted change, someone who could shake things up in D.C.  Let’s get real! Stop trying to normalize Trump in anyway and/or to pretend like you don’t know whether or not he is a racist—because you don’t know his mind. There was a reason why every extreme far right racist group and personality in the U.S. lined up behind Trump during the election campaign—singing his praises as if he was the second coming of Christ. If Donald Trump is not a racist—he sure plays the hell out of one on TV.

Trump is a master confidence man—perhaps the greatest con man of all time. Well before he announced his candidacy, he understood the times in which he lived and was very familiar with the heart, soul and mind of his would-be-supporters. Now, I don’t believe for a minute Trump thought he could win, but he definitely knew the political and cultural soil was fully fertile for the message of hate, fear and division that he would bring to America.

In fact, Trump became so fully aware of what he represented to his Republican Party base of support that during the presidential campaign he boasted to the world,

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”

All Trump needed to do to keep his base eating out of the palm of his hand was to constantly feed them what they desired the most—reaffirm and protect white supremacy, let us know you are with and for us (white people). So, on June 16, 2015, when he descended down the Trump Tower elevators to announce his candidacy for the Republican Party presidential primary, Don the Con had a hearty seven course meal prepared for the base’s zealots. The main course: attacking Mexican immigrants, calling them “rapist” and “people with lots of problems.” For dessert: promising to build a wall along the southern border to keep out all those “third-world” Mexicans and Middle Easterners. The cherry on top: making the Mexican government pay for his wall.

After his Republican Party presidential primary candidacy announcement performance, Trump was bullet proof. It didn’t matter to his base what dirt the media or his competition turned up on him, nor how many lies he got caught telling. Because the Republican base recognized Trump was the one they’d been waiting for. Trump was for white people! And his in-your face style liberated them to come out of the closet to say and do in public what they used to only say and do behind closed doors. And since that day, it’s been a nonstop all you can eat buffet of tweets, comments and speeches attacking any and all nonwhite, non-Christian boogeymen, from colored immigrants and Islamic Middle Easterners to Black NFL players and nonwhite shithole countries. Any red meat Trump can cook up and feed to his base to incite fear, ridicule or resentment against the rising tide of color and non-Christians.

Trump was right: He could shoot and murder someone in broad daylight and he wouldn’t lose a single voter.

Trump can get away with anything: he could even take away his base’s health care, educational assistance, Medicare/Medicaid or cut into their Social Security benefits, in order to pay for the unnecessary huge tax breaks he and his Republican Party gave to the top 1% and corporate America; or he could cause some of them to lose their jobs or livelihood though the imposition of a tariffs as a result of one of his spur of the moment temper tantrums. Like President Lyndon B. Johnson once opined,

“…Give him [the white man] somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

Trump is playing on white people’s ultimate fear

There are simply too many scared-to-death white folks out there who have a vested interest in “whiteness,” who don’t ever want to see the predicted demographic nightmare of 2044 and beyond happen in America. I’m talking about the kind of extremist white folks who sincerely believe that America is “a white country.” And while you have so many scared folks out there, the President of the United States intentionally throws fuel on the fire with his tweets, words and deeds.

Trump even recently started calling himself a “nationalist” (code for white nationalist). His folks know the code words. It won’t be long before Trump and his administration declare the United Stated a white country.

All of Trump’s vitriol was bound to cause the more fanatical and less stable among Trump’s base to act out violently.

Just look at what went down this past week (week of October 22, 2018): A self-proclaimed white supremacist Trump fan who allegedly mailed bombs to former and current top government officials and prominent individuals who are Trump detractors; a white man kills two Blacks at a Kroger grocery store in Jeffersontown, KY— minutes after trying to force his way into a predominately Black church; and the killing of at least at 11 people at Pittsburgh synagogue by another white hatemonger, spewing anti-Semitic remarks. 

This projected demographic change in America is no surprise. White folks in powerful positions and at the grassroots level have been planning, plotting and implementing tactics for decades to stop 2044 or to at least subdue its impact on white privilege. Some of the more mundane tactics and practices they employ include: Redlining communities, gerrymandering political districts, delivering subpar education and health care in nonwhite urban areas, voter suppression, chopping away at civil rights laws and affirmative action initiatives, enacting racist immigration policies and, now, future proofing it all by packing the federal courts with right wing judges. The problem with the aforementioned tactics is that all those things take time.

The time to prevent 2044 is running out—and white supremacists are starting to act like it. Therefore, all decency, integrity and morality are completely out the door when it comes to supporting the cause and Trump. Now, practically all the Republicans politicians are openly lying like Trump, and Don the Con can do no wrong as long as he is with them on stopping nonwhite immigration into the U.S., curtailing nonwhite population growth within the borders, rolling back civil rights gains and packing the courts with as many right-wing federal judges as possible.  That’s the game plan they’ve been working. But those damn projected population numbers still aren’t budging. And that’s the scary part.

Every day we draw closer to 2044, the more desperate these anti-nonwhite forces will become. Separating migrant children from their parents at the border and putting them in cages, hoarding them in tent cities, moving them around the county in the middle of the night is only the beginning. When the U.S. Government—the supposed leader of the free world—is engaging in this barbaric behavior in order to keep America white—you better start wondering, who or what is next.


Stay vigilant, nonwhite and non-Christian people! Because if history is a lesson on what these anti-nonwhite forces are capable of—it’s going to get very, very ugly before all is said and done.

I sincerely give this warning with a sense of urgency, because even though I first surmised this anti-nonwhite movement was on the way about five years ago, today, it’s unfolding at a pace much faster pace than I anticipated. For one, I never saw someone like Trump coming so soon. And I could not imagine in my wildest imagination there would not be a single politician in congress with the guts and sense of moral purpose and fortitude to stop this purveyor of hate and division—a man unworthy to represent America as its leader.

The only chance to shut down Trump, short of a defeat in the 2020 elections, is a combination of a Democratic-controlled House and a very strong report and/or indictment from Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Yet no matter what findings or charges Mueller may bring, it won’t stop Trump’s base from blindly following him into hell. It is what it is. And my bet is, if Trump faces impeachment or an indictment he will fuel his base to deploy any means necessary in order to save his ass.

The choice

The choice American faces is clear: Is America an idea where all people are judged solely on the content of their character, or is America a white Christian county where whites must maintain their mandate of white privilege forever?  Will America continue its “work in progress” towards a colorblind society, or will the familiarity and comfort of holding onto white supremacy at any cost give birth to tumult and chaos or even worse–another civil war in America?

Where does America go from here?

I can only answer the question using the unfiltered brutal history of America as my guide, recognizing the United States has never fully atoned for the original sin of giving birth to a nation under the doctrine of white supremacy; whereby, it lawfully subjected kidnapped Africans to the most brutal form of chattel slavery ever known to mankind, while at the same time it nearly wiped out the indigenous population and stole their lands, breaking nearly every treaty it signed with the ones who survived; then, through more war, claimed the land of the Southwestern United States that was inhabited for centuries by people who are now called Mexicans. So, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind to where the fear of 2044 and beyond will take America.

It took a civil war to free the slaves and another 100 years to pass civil rights laws so that any nonwhite person could begin to fully participate in American society. It will take something similar to happen before the scourge of white supremacy in America is crushed down like the Nazis, who, by the way, were inspired and patterned much of their doctrine on race laws from studying the practices of racism in America.

The theory of white supremacy is an anathema to humanity, flawed from its very premise promulgating “the white race is superior to all others,” validating the consideration of its worthiness as a fact with fabrications and pseudoscience, while discounting and/or omitting tens of thousands of years of historical facts and scientific evidence that proves its bogusness. But this is not the time to put flesh and bone on the premise’s defects, except to say, the overwhelming majority of reasonable people on this planet understand that the practice of white supremacy should have no place in it. Nonetheless, white supremacy remains alive and well in the most powerful nation on earth—and its president, Donald J. Trump, has taken on the mantel of the savior who will maintain white supremacy forever in America by stopping the rising tide of color.

Like Jefferson Davis, history will show Trump failed. But what carnage lay in the wake?

You matter: Never stop fighting the good fight. Speak up! VOTE!

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